stem rust

Mary Guttieri and Bob Bowden earn award for pioneering work with wheat genes

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Two U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists working on the Kansas State University campus are part of a national team that has earned praise for its pioneering work in building sturdy resistance to a highly-virulent strain of stem rust in wheat. The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative awarded its 2020 Gene Stewardship award to […]


Wild Emmer

Mining wheat’s wild side for global food security

MANHATTAN — A Kansas State University wheat geneticist is receiving nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, through its Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, for two projects to improve the genetic diversity of wheat. Modern wheat is historically a genetically narrow species. Centuries of focused breeding to […]


Punya Nachappa

Punya Nachappa discusses Wheat Curl Mites

Punya Nachappa, assistant professor at Colorado State University explains how wheat curl mites avoid insecticides, how climate change is leading to increasing populations and why breeding for host plant resistance is key to preventing outbreaks.


WGRC Greenhouse

Take a tour of the greenhouse

Join us for a virtual tour of wheat’s wild relatives in our greenhouse space at the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center


From better seeds to beneficial insects, K-State researchers fight world hunger

Can a wasp feed the world?

It can help.

If its larvae are nurtured near millet fields where a devastating moth steals harvests from the field, they can grow to become predators that destroy the pests and save a crop. And that just might put more food in more mouths and earn money for struggling farmers in the world’s poorest countries.


Putting up resistance

Will the public swallow science’s best solution to one of the most dangerous wheat pathogens on the planet?


Feeding a need

The tech sector and Silicon Valley
are synonymous. The Research Triangle embodies biotech and life science innovation.
Where is the world’s nucleus of global food systems? Kansas State University leaders and experts will tell you they’re in it.


NSF I/UCRC Wheat Genetics Resource Center

The National Science Foundation has named Kansas State University as its lead institution for the world’s first Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on wheat.


A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself

The dun wheat field spreading out at Ravi P. Singh’s feet offered a possible clue to human destiny. Baked by a desert sun and deliberately starved of water, the plants were parched and nearly dead.