Research Overview

We are mobilizing genetic diversity to enhance wheat yields and meet food security needs. Without genetic diversity, breeders will be unable to make the progress necessary to feed future generations. It is the key to delivering varieties to farmers with the “genetic grit” to fight devastating disease, destructive pests, and severe climates. The WGRC IUCRC […]

Root Phenotyping

Developing drought-tolerant wheat through non-destructive root phenotyping of wild-introgression lines Project Summary: Root growth phenotype is extremely important under drought since varieties with deeper root systems can avoid low moisture stress. The ability to harness the root zone moisture not only affects photosynthesis through transpiration but also nutrient acquisition, which has a direct impact on […]

Novel Gluten Alleles

Assessing end-use quality traits in winter wheat germplasm with novel seed storage protein introgressions from diploid and tetraploid wild relatives Project Summary: Breadmaking and milling properties of wheat are defined by low molecular weight (LMW) and high molecular weight (HMW) glutenins and gliadins. The main goal of this project is to broaden genetic diversity of […]

Recombination Promoters

Novel genetics stocks for chromosome-wide enhancement of genetic recombination Project Summary: Gene introgression from distant wild relatives into wheat is suppressed by the Ph1 gene, which inhibits homoeologous chromosome pairing and recombination between wheat and wild relative genomes. Though Ph1b deletion allows for increased genetic recombination, the frequency remains too low for effective gene transfer. […]



An integrated approach for identification and characterization of novel sources of resistance to wheat stem sawfly in wild wheat species Project Summary: Wheat stem sawfly (WSS, Cephus cinctus) has long been considered the most important pest of wheat in the northern Great Plains of North America. In recent years, damage from WSS has expanded to […]

Sharp Roots

Sharp roots – Gaining improved root penetration ability of hard and dry soils from wild ancestors of wheat into modern wheat cultivars Project Summary: Drought is one of the largest yield limiting factors in global crop production including wheat. Changing climate is predicted to increase the intensity and frequency of drought events which further jeopardizes […]

Human gut microbiome

Identifying genetic loci controlling human gut microbiota traits in wild wheat collections and derived germplasm Project Summary Dietary modulation of the gut microbiota to improve human health represents an exciting opportunity to devise entirely new approaches for disease prevention. As a staple food in the American diet, wheat offers an ideal vehicle for impacting the […]